Are You Prepared? #16 Digital color coupler print, Diasec mounted

Poggio Reale, Sicily, Italy 2011

2200 EURO

The project places the user outside of time and space. A profound denunciation of a skeleton society that once lived and continues to live immersed in the contradictions of the contemporary. A project between interior and exterior, between public and intimate, private spaces. In the exteriors, the buildings of the most frenetic technology, merge with rubble, abandonment, the human desert. The reading is double: at first sight it seems to lead us to a positive, winning model proposal, but the message through which a reality emerges seems concrete: the rubble, the past, visibly crushed by the contemporary hysterical, is its essential root. The interiors, spaces of the most intimate and personal memory, offer even more the small theaters of living, simple gestures, and therefore even stronger in their pro-vocation. But still the irony skilfully frames small situations and dress them now in bourgeois liturgy, now in pin-up poses, in the simplicity of the daily gesture. The preciousness of what remains of the architectural decoration (now pure scenography) provokes, with pierces a temporal diaphragm, in a surreal space.

35.50” – 90 CM H 35.50” – 90 CM L Edition of 5

REF: V723

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