A big diorama with butterflies and flowers with a painted Memento Mori Italy 1850.

Italy first half of the 19th century.

3900 EURO

A Memento Mori from Wunderkammer, depicting a painted skull, leaning on a book with a scroll reading: pray to God for the soul, in devotion to the Archangel Gabriel. The painting is positioned at the base of a large diorama with natural specimens of multicolored butterflies, mounted in a rectangular wood and glass case, with a veneered wood base where the vanitas is depicted. In the upper part, the top is decorated with a carved shell. The specimens are placed on flowering branches, arranged on a carpet of moss and flowers. Italy first half of the 19th century.

26” – 66 CM H 12” – 30 CM L 6,25” – 16 CM D

REF: M5977

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