A group of 12 herbalist pharmacy wooden jars, Italy 1870.

Italy circa 1870.

7200 Euro (600 ciascuno each)

Set of twelve medium-sized wooden pharmacy-herbal jars (Pine, Mint, Viola, Hops, Verbena, Ginger, Anise, Garlic, Melissa, Dill, Sage, Thyme) in the purest neoclassical style. The surface is finished with a white pad with a blue scroll decoration, the names of the herbs in black. Coming from the herbalist-apothecary of a Sicilian convent. Italy around 1870. (also sold separately).

13,75” – 35 CM H 5,5” – 14 CM L 5,5” – 14 CM D

REF: M5706-M5707-M5708

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