A large coral branch from Wunderkammer, Italy 1840

ITALY 1840 ca.

6000 Euro

This large branch of Mediterranean coral, ‘Corallium Rubrum’ is mounted on a gilt bronze base. The realization of the base involves different techniques: the lost wax casting, the casting in the mold, the hammered. All finely chiseled by hand. The base is circular, with a ribbed edge, and tapers towards the top with a wavy profile with curved coral elements inserted. A series of leaf motifs crown the neck, interspersed with coral spheres. The neck is embellished with coral spheres. A connecting ring at the top is enriched with coral spheres. All this holds up a circular cup with a straight edge that wraps the branch, edged with carved blooms. Italy circa 1840

 11.5” – 29 CM H     6,5” – 17 CM L     4,25” – 11 CM D

REF: M5397

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