A large coral branch from Wunderkammer, Trapani, Italy 1820.

Italy circa 1820.


An important Mediterranean red coral tree (Corallium Rubrum).
The base is made of gilded bronze, with a circular foot with a wavy profile that rises towards the center. Along the mezzanine, a sequence of crab sculptures alternating with mother-of-pearl buttons set with rivets. Four small, slightly chiseled handles decorate and support the central amphora element, in turn decorated with relief shells. A round of pearls decorates the edge that supports the tree.
Four double-spiral elements descend from the drum of the tree, where they alternate with set pearls of the tree, joining the amphora where we find small hanging pearls. Two of these imprison two snakes in motion. The vertical edge decorated with palmettes supports the coral tree. Trapani, Sicily, early 19th century.

11.5” – 29 CM H 6,5” – 17 CM L 4,25” – 11 CM D

REF: M5650

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