A marine specimen: pair of Marlin rostrum turned to emulate the Narwal tusk, Italy 1800.

Italy beginning 19th century.


An important pair from Wunderkammer: two Marlin fish rostrum turned to emulate the spiraling shape of the Narwhal tusk.The base is made of fruit wood according to a neoclassical altar layout. On the smooth drum base a step and a sequence of leaves. Then a rib, then the shaft to rise, smooth. The choice of placing the festoons correctly but making them with shells, in theme with the rostrum, is peculiar. A sequence of ribs and registers of leaves follow one another following the wavy profile up to support the two rostrum. Marlin rostrum (Istiophorus platypterus) are bridged and turned to emulate the narwhal’s tooth. Italy, early 19th century.

32” – 82 CM H 5,8” – 15 CM L 5,8” – 15 CM D

REF: M5636

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