A model of a war sailing ship, made out of bone, United Kingdom, 1793-1815.

Great Britain, 1793-1815.

7500 Euro

A British model of a sailing ship, made out of bone. Made by French prisoners of war (POWs), held in British prisons, during the Napoleonic Wars, which took place from 1793 to 1815 and the following years. Prisoner of War Models, as model ships like this are renowned for their fine finish and attention to detail.
The POWs used bones that were left after cooking their rations, including beef and mutton. After cleaning them, they placed in damp clay to make them flexible, then bleached and carved the bones. Then the prisoners sliced, shaped, and polished the bones using basic hand tools to create intricate models. They used to sell the models to the English inhabitants. The market grew up. 30 pounds was paid for each one, when with 30 pounds they could live for one entire year. United Kingdom, 1793-1815.

13,5” – 35 CM H 15” – 38 CM L 5” – 13 CM D

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