A pair of celestial and terrestrial globes, E. Pini, Gussoni & Dotti, Milan, Italy 1892.

Italy 1892.

4500 EURO

Pair of Italian globes. On an ebonized wooden base, worked on the lathe, with a circular foot and perfect patina, are placed: a celestial globe of 9,2 inches, compiled by the engineer E. Pini based on the catalogs of Heis and Gould, published by Gussoni & Dotti, Milan 1892, and a second terraqueous globe of 9,2 inches, compiled by the engineer. E. Pini with the latest geographical discoveries and political changes of 1889, published by Gussoni & Dotti. The globes are made of papier-mâché and finished with pastille, completed by the application of paper spindles imprinted with intaglio printing. Milan, Italy 1892.

18” – 46 CM H 10” – 25,5 CM L 10” – 25,5 CM D

REF: M5961

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