A pair of obelisks with branches of Mediterranean red coral (Corallium Rubrum), Italy 1700.

Italy 1700.


Pair of Wunderkammer display cases, two obelisks with branches of Mediterranean red coral (Corallium Rubrum).
The pair is made of fruit wood, carved, illuminated and gilded.
The base is square, plinth, with double recess. The body rises straight and is decorated with a sequence of patters which, in contrast with the smooth spared part, creates a motif of stylized leaves. Four corner elements support a pyramid each, with the walls in blown glass and the corners in illuminated and gilded wood, with a sphere at the top. Inside the display cases
A leafy element supports a bowl from which two coral trees rise.
The display cases bear the numbers III and IV. Italy, early 18th century.

18” – 46 CM H 4” – 10 CM L 4” – 10 CM D

REF: M5553

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