A paradoxical orreere that demonstrates the earth-moon system and its movement, Italy circa 1860.

Italy second half 19th century

4500 EURO

A paradoxical orreere that demonstrates the earth-moon system and its movement. The base of the planetarium is made of fruit wood, circular in shape with three bell-shaped wood feet. The base profile is wavy, the top is flat and has a circular path carved slightly inside the edge. Right in the center, a brass element is fixed to the base using white metal nails, it rises with a wavy profile and supports two horizontal elements that support a telescopic system that fixes two iron wheels, which slide over the carved track. The foot is high and wavy and holds up a brass element made up of a ring and spheres. Above it, the earth is made of fruitwood with the continents engraved on the surface. A brass arm extends from the North Pole and supports the fruitwood moon at its end, surrounded by the cage of the meridian and parallel. At the top a long brass rod with an index on one side and a ball-shaped handle, which activate the system. On one side of the base there is a curved arm lightly decorated with carved longe motifs, a bell-shaped element that opens to support the disc-shaped fruitwood platform, with the metal candle holder in the centre. Once again, another brass arm extends from the base and holds the brass mirror to emulate the light of the sun on the earth. Each movement must be evaluated individually. Italy, circa1860.

12,5” – 32 CM H 19,75” – 50 CM L 13,25” – 35 CM D

REF: M6020

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