A system walking stick that hides a rifle with a complex and totally hidden mechanism. Romedenne, Belgium circa 1890.

Romedenne, Belgium circa 1890.

3500 EURO

System walking stick, with a defense function. Entirely in iron, with horn tip, and the viewfinder next to it. The iron rod is the barrel of the gun and widens at the end towards the handle. The barrel is tied solidly to the handle itself, shaped like an ‘L’, burnished, with ‘butt plate – handle in ebonized fruit wood. The handle has a cylindrical section and has four grooves, a side lever and a trigger. By lifting this, the internal carriage marked by the four grooves is released. This slides back to make room for centerfire cartridges to be inserted. 20 gauge as reported to the firing pin. Once the cartridge has been inserted into the gun barrel, the slide slides forward, completely closing the whole secured by the side lever. The rifle has a leather strap on the rear corner. By pulling it out, the striker cylinder is blocked by a spring limit switch. By pulling the small trigger, the rifle fires. A butt plate made with an iron rod core fits just under the trigger strap. It could have been used for personal defense, carried as another stick, or for hunting. The stock, made of iron rod, is inserted into the upper part of the pommel when shooting.
Romedenne, Belgium circa 1890.

34,75” – 47” – 88 – 112 CM H 4,2” – 10,2 CM L 1,5” – 3,2 CM D

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