An amazing antique set of 50 glass prosthetic eyes, Germany early 20th century.

Germany beginning of 20th century.

3000 EURO

An amazing antique set of 50 glass prosthetic eyes. Maximum quality and refined details with a great variability of models. In their original, wooden case, lined with black grained leather, the additional feature are the paper labels: name of several countries and then “2 R – 2 L” which should mean “2 right eye samples and 2 samples of left eyes.” The only guess we can make, given that they almost all seem to be from the same manufacturer, is that they somehow tried to customize the model based on the physical characteristics of the eyes in different countries. It really sounds like something close to eugenics. Germany early 20th century.

1,75” – 3 CM H 13,25” – 34 CM L 6,5” – 16 CM D

REF: V1653

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