An important almoner sculpture from the Lombardy-Veneto area, around 1730.

Lombardo Veneto-Italy, first part of XVIII century.

6500 Euro

The base is circular, with a wavy profile, prepared with pastiglia (refined plaster) and finished with gilding in the upper band.
The median band has a pale celadon green covering the tablet.
The same green with which the boundary circle is highlighted highlights, at the top, the band between the base and the rest of the sculpture.
Above the base is a patinated copper plate, with the hours alternating with diamond-shaped elements. A central pivot supports the skull, the hour arrow (the snake) and the minutes of the arrow, which are free to rotate on the dial. purely as a metaphor for the passing of time.
The skull was used to collect the alms coins, it has a cut at the top to place the alms offering and, behind the nape, a bony portion acts as a door hinged to the right and can be opened to the left by extracting the fixing needle to collect the coins from the inside. Lombardo Veneto-Italy, first part of XVIII century.

9” – 23 CM H 11” – 28 CM L 11” – 28 CM D

REF: M5409

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