Crucifix on Calvary, called ‘Pestis Christi’ or ‘Crucifiix Pestis’ Plague of Christ or Plague Crucifix. France, early 18th century.

France early 18th century.

6200 Euro

Crucifix on Calvary, called ‘Pestis Christi’ or Crucifiix Pestis ‘Plague of Christ’ or Plague Crucifix). The sculpture is composite, made with heterogeneous materials: wax, wood, papier-mâché. The octagonal base is slightly raised and supports the calvary, symbolized by rocks, from which the crucifix rises, made with intentionally unfinished boards and with marked veins. The depicted Christ is peculiar: he shows scarified skin all over his body. Masterfully crafted in wax. They are the plagues of the plague that Christ, ‘Agnus Dei’ takes charge of with salvific value, for the salvation of the world. At his feet the ordeal full of symbols: evil (snake) with the apple, the ‘Memento mori’ of human bones, of Adam’s skull, of the worn out but not yet undone body. France early 18th century.

30,5” – 77 CM H 12,5” – 32 CM L 7” – 18 CM D

REF: M5776

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