Sacred Figures “Venus” (Venera pacifiskaya)

Saint Petersburg, Russia 2003

6000 Euro

A diachronic distortion of symbolic loads. Born in Leningrad, Olga Tobreluts uses computer techniques to develop her eclectic aesthetic by relying on loans from the history of painting. With her huge digital prints on canvas and in a kind of anticonformism linked to social status, she impertinently associates the idols of contemporary entertainment with important characters drawn from history: hybrids, transgenic representations, such as Naomi Campbell or Kate Moss, beauty queens that supplant queens of blood or the martyrdom of Saint Sebastian with the face of Leonardo Di Caprio, or Adam and Eve in the role of Elvis Presley and Madonna. For her, a face remains a face, even if today power is no longer a race topic.

Olga Tobreluts was born in 1970 in Murino, Leningrad Oblast, Russia. Digital artist, she works by experimenting with multiple disciplines. He studied computer graphics in his hometown and in 1989 at the Institute ART + COM in Berlin; she organized a decoration workshop in 1992 in St. Petersburg, where she opened the Photo Art center in 1998. She is considered a pioneer in the digital art movement; Olga Tobreluts’artistic experience is deeply linked to St. Petersburg and the Novia Akademia. The post-Soviet Russia deeply investigate the idea of classicism in art. With the return to the traditional name of the city, artists feel more and more fascinated by classicism, an attitude strengthened by the architectural heritage. Olga Tobreluts has exhibited in Russia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, England, France, Italy, Norway, Holland, Finland, Slovakia in numerous collective and personal exhibitions. In 1998 he won the second prize in the GRIFFELKUNST competition “Best European Computer graphics” in Hamburg.
In 2003 Olga Tobreluts almost completely interrupts the use of digital technologies as primary medium.

Mixed media digital print on canvas.

63” – 160 CM H 31,50” – 80 CM L

Edition 2/3

REF: V1562

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