Jewel walking stick, France 1870.

France 1870

2500 Euro

Walking stick. The handle is craftsmanship, made out of silver and vermeil. The ring is silver, chiseled, with golden arches and small spheres. A golden filigree cord underlines the beginning of the handle itself. It shows the three Graces, semi-dressed with a peplum that reveals partially the nudity. Three different poses: combing the hairs, adjusting the peplum, and picking fruit. Three vermeil columns divide the scene. The top is again separated by a golden filigree cord and shows a work of chisel with leaves pattern, over which are the golden initials: G L, chiseled as well. Rattan wood shaft. France 1870 ca.

35” –  89 CM H       1,5” – 4 CM L    1,5”  –  4 CM D


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