Jewel Walking stick Georges Fouquet, Paris 1900.

France circa 1900.


Georges Fouquet walking stick, Paris, circa 1900, signed.
Knob with faceted smoky quartz sphere inside an open 18K gold cage. Ribbons with 4 faceted cut emeralds, 18K gold band and green guilloche enamel, with emeralds and diamonds. Ebony wood barrel, brass tip and horn. Alphonse Fouquet, Georges’ father, founded the family business of the same name in 1860. It would last another two generations. Georges (1862-1957), who took over the company in 1895, was famous for splendid Art Nouveau creations. Two decades later, in 1919, George’s son Lean joined the company, where he specialized in the new Art Deco style. Often grouped with René Lalique and Lucien Gaillard, Georges Fouquet was one of France’s leading designers and makers of Art Nouveau jewelry. In 1899 Georges began a three-year collaboration with Alphonse Mucha. They designed and created a spectacular series of jewels that anchored Fouquet’s exhibition at the Paris Exposition of 1900.

35” – 89 CM H 2” – 5 CM L 2” – 5 CM D

REF: M5922

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