Little birds automatons singer in a gilded cage by Bontems, France 1890.

France circa 1890.

5900 Euro

A French automaton: a cage with birds in gilded brass. Automata were built by master watchmakers to amaze. The joy offered by the vision of these automata that move, sing, look at each other, communicate with each other, stimulates the observer’s imagination by offering him the sense of real life in the woods. In the case of this cage with the two birds, it presents the male’s love song to his partner who responds by echoing it. The synchrony of mechanical movement and sound are to be considered superimposable to reality. The internal mechanism is made up of several bellows moved by traction spring gears. The two birds are of absolute realism also aesthetic covered with a real plumage. Bontemps, France end of XIX century.

REF: M5683

5900 EURO

21,75” – 55 CM H 11,5” – 29 CM L 11,5” – 29 CM D

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