Memento mori mirror, Belgium 1898.

Belgium 1898.


Memento Mori mirror. The mirror is circular, with a beveled edge. From the periphery to the center a series of rays consisting of circular grindings on the back with diameters that scale towards the center, until they touch in a single circle of ‘bubbles’. The grinding re-proposes the mirrors of the witches by multiplying both the light and those who are reflected in it. The top of the mirror is wrapped in a soft element from which an arm departs, which, descending, holds a face and a skull joined by the nape. All in coppered bronze. In the element that embraces the mirror, two flowers hold a date: 1898. A series of ribbons in the purest Art Nouveau style move from the flowers to become an arm, to descend. All of which can be compared to Henry van de Velde (Antwerp, 3 April 1863 – Oberägeri, 25 October 1957). The arm hooks a pendant element that on one side depicts the face of a man, on the other a skull traversed by snakes. The element rotates, revealing both life and death in the center of the mirror and all the multiplications.
Signed Charles van der Stappen (1843-1910). Belgium, 1898.

16,5” – 43 CM H 16” – 41 CM L 8” – 20 CM D

Ref: V1619

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