Model of a greenhouse, France 1900.

France, circa 1900.

3000 Euro

Model of a greenhouse in glass and iron. The greenhouse has an iron base, rectangular in shape, with cut corners. The body of the greenhouse, made of iron and glass, is welded to the base. The edge of the base rises upwards with a proportion that will repeat itself up to the roof. A second band runs along the base in parallel supporting the vertical slats. Another band runs parallel to the roof and contains decorative iron rod arches. The double-sloping roof can be opened from the entire long side for access and planting. The entire structure is lined with glass, following its shape and inclinations. It fully falls within the style of the ‘Serre de Jardin’ which it wants to remember in obviously more simplified features.
France, early 1900s.

25,5” – 65 CM H 30,25” – 77 CM L 19,75” – 50 CM

REF: M5735

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