Rare paradoxical planetarium of the planet Jupiter and the Medici satellites, France 1840.

France mid 19th century

8500 EURO

This rare paradoxical planetarium demonstrates the rotation and revolution motion of the system of the planet Jupiter and the Medici satellites. The base is made of ebonized fruit wood, circular in shape with a profile that narrows upwards, marked by a light ribbing at the top and a counter-curve towards the centre. From this the foot with a wavy profile rises. The foot supports the brass planetarium mechanism with a short lever supported by a spherical element which continues with a vertical element. A disc anchors the curved arm that supports the bridge with the mechanism ending with an angled spiral. The arm of the mechanism is made up of two parallel rectangular plates spaced by cylindrical elements. On one side the red planet, Jupiter, made of wood painted to emulate its surface. The four Medici or Galilean satellites are placed along the arm: Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto, made in slightly different proportions to emulate the differences in magnitude, supported with central pins. Supported by the plate below, a sequence of toothed wheels connect. By rotating the arm around Jupiter, it remains motionless while each satellite, in addition to performing the rotation motion around it, performs the rotation motion around its own axis. Jupiter is indicated by its own symbol and the satellites each by their own name, engraved on the upper plate. France circa 1840.

13,75” – 35 CM H 11,5” – 29 CM L 6,75” – 17 CM D

REF: M5986

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