System walking stick: A pinfire poacher gutta percha system Remington cane, USA, 1870.

USA 1870.

3500 EURO

System walking stick, with a defense function. The Remington model rimfire cartridge was produced in 22 caliber from 1866 to 1900. The gun is cocked by pulling the handle and has a push-button trigger (visible). To close the barrel it is necessary to push down a spring (visible) located on the barrel. The ring has a removable paper or cardboard bottom to prevent the barrel from exploding in the event that a shot goes off inadvertently. The ring nut is made of brass with a round iron tip. Unscrewable. The metal shaft, the cane, is entirely covered in gutta percha, from the Malay cettah percha which means “perch gum” from the name of the tree from which it was obtained. A metal ring is placed immediately after the ring, which is the viewfinder. The last part of the shaft together with the grip unscrews from the shaft revealing the chamber for the pin cartridge inside the upper part. Once screwed back in the barrel is ready. A button is shown just below the handle. By pulling the handle the rod extends and allows, by unscrewing it, to position the cartridge and load the trigger. The solid gutta percha handle is connected by a white metal ring. Usa circa 1870.

33,75” – 86 CM H 3,5” – 9 CM L 0,75” – 2 CM D

REF: M6030

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