System walking stick: poacher rifle walking stick, Manufrance, France, 1900.

France 1900

2600 EURO

System walking stick for poacher’s rifle. Ferrule in blonde cow horn that extracts to reveal a double iron hook. The barrel is made of metal, shaped like bamboo and painted with grain. Then a metal ring, slightly curved, flat, and the dark cow horn handle, in the shape of a hook. On the top of the handle is the mechanism that must be activated by the double hook of the tip to extract the trigger. Unscrewing the handle, inside there is the tank for the centrepin cartridge. In the center of the upper part of the handle it is possible, by unscrewing a screw marked with a cross, to fix the separate butt plate. Manufrance. France, 1900.

36” – 92 CM H 4” – 10 CM L 0,75” – 2 CM D

REF: D110

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