System walking stick: rare breech-loading poacher walking cane, Joseph Célestin Dumonthier, France 1880.

France 1880

3000 EURO

System walking stick: a rare Dumonthier breech-loading poacher walking cane. Iron removable ferrule, the barrel is inside the shaft, entirely coverd by fruitwood veneer. Excellent patina. The band at the junction with the handle is made of white metal, is plane with three parallel rings as decoration. The handle is made out of metal, painted to emulate the wood. The band, with an adequate opening, rotates until the trigger cames out. Than, with a quarter of twist counterclockwise one third of the shaft slides back, revealing the chamber for the central pin cartridge. Once loaded and closed, the trigger is ready. Signed ‘Dumontier’ (Joseph Célestin Dumonthier) at the back of the chamber, France, circa 1880.

35,5” – 90 CM H 4,75” – 12 CM L 1” – 2,5 CM D

REF: D120

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