Rare terrestrial globe signed Cary (CARY, John & William, approximately 1754-1835), London 1800.

England early 19th century.

8500 Euro

Large 12″ terrestrial globe made by the famous Cary brothers, made with a wooden frame, refined plaster polished to perfection, and colored paper gores. The globe is supported by a fully graduated brass sundial and the time ring is at the North Pole. The horizon table/ring, also finished with calcography print and colored paper, shows the cardinal points, the degrees of longitude, zodiac signs, and days and months of the year. Raised on an ebonized fruitwood stand with four turned legs connected by a criss-cross element that supports the globe. The globe is completed by 12 calcografy printed and hand-colored paper gores. A great analemma in the Pacific Ocean. Fully detailed. Australia is called “New Holland” and Africa south of the equator is called “Parts Unknown.” John Cary and his brother William were considered the finest English globe makers of the late Georgian period.
Cartouche: “CARY’S NEW TERRESTRIAL GLOBE \ DELINEATED \ From the best authorities extant \ Exhibiting the different tracks of \ Captain Cook \ and the new discoveries made by him & other circumnavigators.” London, made & Sold by J.&W. Cary, Strand Jany 1st1800. London, England circa 1800.

19,25” – 49 CM H 17,25” – 44 CM L 17,25” – 44 CM D

REF: M5310

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